Sunday, December 19, 2010

Skipping Christmas- Sort of.

Ok, let's forget about Christmas for about ten minutes. I'm jumping a little ahead here, but I'm all 'Christmased Out' at the moment. I've heard one too many holiday songs, so to speak.
I want to start talking about goals for 2011. Big goals, little goals and everything in between.

Goal 1:
Become a master at cooking brunch. Afterall, it is my favorite meal of the day.
Example A:   Make phenomenal Shrimp & Grits.
I rarely eat seafood, but since it is the only type of meat I ever eat, it should be done well.

< (Brunch should be had somewhere like this. )

Brunch reminds me of gathering with friends. Having mimosas/coffee,  awesome food, and hungover conversations about the night before and the plans for the day. It reminds me of weekend getaways. It's too late for breakfast, but there's no chance you're lasting until lunch. Oh, and don't forget to add music.GOOD music.  Even if you're in a cabin and the only option is to turn the music on in someones car, it's important.

You know that book about the five love languages? Words of affirmation, quality time, acts of sevice etc... Well, there really should be a sixth language added. There is currently nothing said of language #6:
"Making Brunch for Friends You Love and Drinking alot of Mimosas."
I would venture to say that "acts of service" probably has me covered, but I love my language so much, it needs it's own category. It's the language that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It gives me clarity to continue on through the week.
Had a lovely brunch with this lady this morning, to celebrate our Christmas.
I can't wait until I have a big space where I can cook brunch, and invite everyone over. Must master brunch first! Delicious grits (have you tried grit cakes?? ohmagawd.), eggs sardou, waffles, fruit, mmmmm...moving on before I let my tummy start grumbling.

Goal 2:
Grow my own stuff.

I think this is something I'm already doing fairly well at (considering we live in an apartment), so my goal is really just to keep it up. So far we have carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts, okra, cabbage, green onions, sweet potato, figs, turnips, and herbs growing on the porch. I want to continue adding new things, including flowers and ornamentals. After all, it needs to be cute, right?
To add this year:
Cilantro ((killed mine last summer)

Goal 3:
Love deeper and broader.

Learning to let go a little. Take deeper breaths and let love take over. Love the ones I already love a little stronger. Love the ones I don't know a little more: cashiers, sales people, telemarketers, servers, neighbors, etc. Being friendly when you don't necessarily have to be. I try reminding myself that I don't know what people are going though. I also that I have to remember that I don't even know what my loved ones are going through. Not everything is disclosed.

Looking at it, goal 3 isn't really so much of a 2011 goal. It's more of a life philosophy.

I'm sure there are more things to add to this list, but for now, this will do.
What are your 2011 goals?
Trying new things?
Doing the things you didn't do in 2010?

In good health,


  1. I fully support the brunch goal. I love brunch and anyone who makes it.

    I think New Year's goals are fun to make, but mostly so I can look back a couple months later and say to myself, "Go to the gym? Wake up early to do yoga? Haha, oh're so cute when you're ambitious."

  2. Goal 4: travel more and come visit me
    Goal 5: find a Master Program in Europe, so I can come see you more often :)


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