Saturday, March 27, 2010

Something old, something new

For the last year, K and I have been trying to sort through things and get rid of stuff. Give it away, sell it, whatever--we wanted to minimize our belongings. We wanted to be portable. We wanted to be able to pick up and move or travel or go back for our Masters. We wanted to feel like we had that kind of freedom. We wanted to always be able to fit our belongings into a one bedroom apartment if we needed to.
And now we're in the process of moving. And strangely, even after all of that, I'm looking around feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that we have. I'm also looking around feeling nostalgic.

The first place I ever lived alone
The first time I ever lived in a new city
The first place K and I ever lived together.
This is the place where I became a vegetarian
The kitchen where I first began really cooking

Firsts are hard to get over. Seconds are never the same

Goodbye house, it has been fun and memorable. Now we're moving on. We've both taken new jobs and we're on to a new place. This time, we get to move into a new place together. Most importantly, we're growing and is incomplete without those things.

P.S. This was before I did the garden. It's pretty fabulous now- pansies and snapdragons are in full bloom!
P.S.S. We get to keep our old keys to the place, I can't wait to come up with something creative to do with them. The keys to our first place together- what great memorabilia :)


  1. I loved your first little place too. So homey & sweet! I have ideas for those keys :)

  2. I understand the sadness of letting nostalgic things go, but cheers to a new experience and new adventures!:)

  3. what an adorable spot.
    i know just what you mean, about firsts and about so much stuff!
    glad though you are moving on together and have a postive additude about the changes.
    good luck!

  4. Wait... this is your new house? Or your old one?

    Sorry, I'm dense.

    Either way, it's adorable!

  5. Even though the new place is a surprise, you'll make that kitchen YOURS! And while listening to 103.3 you can re-live homecoming 2002! It feels good to start anew... come visit my new place soon mam!!


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